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Dr. November enjoys working with patients from adolescence age and up.  She has  particular interest in women’s health, digestive wellness, adjunctive mental health care, and bone integrity. By strengthening each of these areas, a solid base is established toward creating and maintaining overall good health.

Dr. November starts by getting a good history on your symptoms, exploring what tests and imaging have been completed to-date.  We'll then discuss what has worked and what hasn't.  We'll chat about additional testing and imaging options (when pertinent) and short- and long-term solutions to feel better.

Women's Health: Specific focus on uncomfortable menses, PMS symptoms, menopausal symptoms, and preconception counseling.  

Digestive wellness: A healthy gut is a conduit to a strong immune system, emotional balance, and sufficient energy.  Through proper investigation via basic labs, food sensitivity tests, breath and stool tests, a diagnosis can be made to get to the root cause of digestive complaints. 

Adjunctive mental health care: So much of our health and the symptoms we experience, is tied to our emotional and mental well-being.  Dr. November's expertise does not lie in pharmaceuticals in this area, but rather the many botanical, homeopathic, diet and lifestyle options available to support and strengthen your emotional being. 

In addition to the above, Dr. November is able to provide primary care and annual wellness exams.



Primary Care

Women's Health

Digestive Wellness

Bone Integrity

Emotional Wellness

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