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Is Dr. November currently accepting new patients?


Yes! Dr. November is currently accepting new patients at Full Circle Natural Medicine located in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle.  She currently sees patients at North Seattle Natural Medicine as well, located in downtown Edmonds.  Please note that Dr. November will transition her practice entirely to Full Circle Natural Medicine starting in 2024. She offers both in-person & telehealth appointments for both new & existing patients.  Appointments are available until 6:30pm many evenings.

How long are visits?

A typical first visit lasts approximately one hour, allowing time for Dr. November to learn your story and health goals. This is also a good time to review prior lab and/or imaging results you may have. 


Subsequent visits last approximately 30 minutes. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment with Dr. November at Full Circle Natural Medicine, please call 206.535.8867 or schedule online 


To schedule an appointment at North Seattle Natural Medicine, please complete the 'New Patient' documents at:  Once submitted, our Front Desk team will call you to schedule an appointment. 


If you have questions prior to completing the paperwork, please feel free to call the Front Desk team at the phone number listed above. If you have questions for Dr. November prior to scheduling an appointment, please also feel free to send a message via the Contact page. 

Is Dr. November available for phone or virtual appointments?

Yes! While an in-person visit is preferred initially, we are happy to accommodate a virtual appointment.  Many follow-up visits can be completed via telehealth or telephone. Please talk to Dr. November to confirm this is an option for your particular situation. 



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