Is Dr. November currently accepting new patients?


Yes! Dr. November is currently accepting new patients at North Seattle Natural Medicine in downtown Edmonds.  She continues to offer telehealth appointments for both new and existing patients, and offers appointments until 6:30pm many evenings.

How long are visits?

A typical first visit lasts approximately one hour, allowing time for Dr. November to learn your story and health goals. This is also a good time to review prior lab and/or imaging results you may have. 


Subsequent visits last approximately 30 minutes. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please schedule an appointment online at, by clicking on the bar at the top of the page.  Alternately, feel free to contact our very helpful front desk team at Naturopathic Family Medicine (206.683.4495). If you have questions for Dr. November prior to scheduling an appointment, please also feel free to send a message via the Contact page. 

Is Dr. November available for phone or virtual appointments?

Yes! An in-person initial visit is required, but many follow-up visits can be completed over the phone or via video conference. Please talk to Dr. November to confirm this is an option for your particular situation. 



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