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California Patients

Dr. November is now licensed to see patients in California, as well as Washington state!  Please see the FAQ below to learn more:

How does it work that Dr. November is in Washington and I’m in California? 


Dr. November is a licensed naturopathic doctor in both Washington state and California.  This means she is able to provide medical care to patients in both states.  For the time being, all visits with California patients are conducted via telehealth.  



Can Dr. November provide adequate care via telehealth?


Yes!  One benefit to the pandemic is that medical providers have become very agile in seeing patients via telehealth.  A secure telehealth platform is used for all telehealth visits, with privacy always respected and honored. If there is something Dr. November feels she cannot adequately examine or treat via telehealth, she will let you know, and advise you to see a medical provider in person. 



What types of services does Dr. November provide California patients:


Dr. November has a particular interest in women’s health, digestive wellness, bone integrity, and emotional wellness. For more information about the types of conditions treated, testing options and, treatment modalities that are offered, please see the Specialties section on this website. 


Please note that unfortunately, Dr. November is not able to provide primary care to California patients at this time, and requests that all of her patients have a primary care provider set up in addition to her adjunctive care. 


Dr. November works with patients from adolescent age and up. 



Does my insurance cover naturopathic medicine in California?  


Maybe.  More insurance companies are covering naturopathic medicine in California.  We ask that you confirm this ahead of your first visit.  If your insurance does not cover naturopathic medicine, time-of-service payment is requested.


​In the case that you have insurance but naturopathic medical services are not covered, your insurance company may accept out-of-network claims.  In this case, you may be able to submit a superbill, which we are happy to provide, in order to be reimbursed for all or a portion of your office visits.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call 206.535.8867 or schedule online 



If you have questions prior to completing the paperwork, please feel free to call the Front Desk team at the phone number listed above. If you have questions for Dr. November prior to scheduling an appointment, please also feel free to send a message via the Contact page. 

If you have additional questions, please reach out via the Contact page. 



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Women's Health

Digestive Wellness

Bone Integrity

Emotional Wellness

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