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Introducing Constitutional Hydrotherapy

One of the things I love most about naturopathic medicine is the intertwining of ancient practices with modern treatments. One such ancient modality, is hydrotherapy, the use of water in the treatment of pathology. More eloquently put, hydrotherapy, by definition, is: the use of water for the maintenance of health or the treatment of disease by stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

Within the category of hydrotherapy lies constitutional hydrotherapy, which originated in Europe, and was made popular in the United States by Dr. O.G. Carroll, in the 1940’s. In constitutional hydrotherapy, the use of alternating hot and cold towels to the skin, along with a gentle electrical sine wave (so gentle it feels like a tingling to the skin), increases circulation of blood and lymphatic flow. The beauty of this process is that the treatment used by Dr. Carroll remains precisely intact, and is as effective today as it was in the past.

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a relaxing treatment beneficial for many complaints, including: digestive issues (acid reflux, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, constipation); immune system challenges (mononucleosis, autoimmune thyroiditis, lingering or frequent colds or bronchitis), female reproductive concerns (PMS, menstrual pain, irregular menses), fatigue, anxiety, depression and, detoxification.

A treatment last approximately 60 minutes, with a series of treatments generally recommended. It is a relaxing, lovely conjunctive therapy to other modalities, such as botanicals, nutraceuticals, massage, acupuncture, or chiropractics.

Curious to find out if hydrotherapy is a good fit for you? Or, have questions about hydrotherapy? Contact Dr. November to schedule a a free 15-minute consult.

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